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What's a great meal without music? You will not have to wait anymore.

DJ Waffles has taken his time to pair music with his waffles as a lifetime experience. Find the playlist that suits you and share it with the world.


Oldies but Goodies

DJ Waffles gives you the ability to share your playlist and download all this music for free. This playlist is more uptempo new age Hip Hop & R&B music. 

The Vibe.png

The Vibe Waffle Playlist

This awesome playlist was created by DJ Waffles to give listeners a TOP 40'S vibe for your ears and hearts. Commercial free and easy to download and share

DJ Waffles Playlist 3.png

DJ Waffle Playlist Vol 2

DJ Waffles gives you a great listen with Oldies but Goodies on this playlist. Call this a great plate of soul seasoning. The aim is to give the listeners classic records.

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